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Outbound Sales with high quality

PREDICTABLE Inflow of Sales
Hiring internal sales teams is risky and expensive. We minimise your risk and deliver a predictable inflow of qualified sales meetings, so you can close more deals.
We are ready to ramp up fast and can show a clear path to a positive ROI by leveraging our experience from +70 outbound sales collaborations in the Nordics.
Transparent reporting
Your trust is our currency. Close collaboration, transparent reporting and a commitment to quality over quantity makes us a trusted partner of +70 brands.
outbound sales

B2B Lead Generation & Appointment Scheduling

We connect with your ideal customers, deliver qualified sales meetings, marketing leads and provide you with insights. You focus on your existing customers. We build a pipeline of new customers.

Dream come true?
Corinne Cotteverte -  Native language, local expertise
BENEFIT #1 - High Quality Company & Contact Data


We define your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and source company and contact data by leveraging our proprietary database and scraping tools.

By monitoring online buying signals, website visitors and LinkedIn followers, we create prioritised lead lists that maximise results in outreach.

Ideal Customer Profile

We segment the market based on your Ideal Customer Profile to find the right leads.

Verified Data

We use verified data with high accuracy to ensure that we have the best leads.
Benefit #2 - Personalised, Multi-channel outreach

Outbound Sales Campaigns

We craft hyper-personalised messages and combine the phone, email and LinkedIn to execute personalised, multi-channel outreach that builds a pipeline of prospects. Our sequences create high-impact touchpoints, so that we can qualify if prospects are a good match for your offering.



Average touchpoints per appointment scheduled


Average Conversion Rate

Hour to SQL rate targeting ICPs with +200 employees.
Christopher at VAEKST
Olivia Andersen - one of 50+ native speaking Nordic business developers
Benefit #3 - B2B Lead Generation & Appointment Scheduling


We deliver Intent Qualified Leads, Marketing Qualified Leads and Sales Qualified Leads together with monthly Market Reports with KPI Analytics, ICP Analytics and actionable recommendations.

Intent Qualified Leads are interactions with prospects that provide intent data. Marketing Qualified Leads are permissions to receive marketing information. Sales Qualified Leads are qualified sales meetings.

Leads to revenue.


Monthly SQLs, MQLs & IQLs

We consistently deliver SQLs, MQLs & IQLs to enable your growth.


Monthly Market Report

Actionable insights and recommendations.


Are you considered outsourcing your outbound sales instead or in combination with your own efforts?

Book a talk with our Chief Sales Officer, Alexander, to understand more about why you should or shouldn’t outsource.
Alexander Rydberg - Co-Founder
Outbound SALES

OUR method for outbound sales

Vaekst - less talking, more listening
1. WORKSHOP & Kick-off
We execute a 3-hour workshop to define the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy for the collaboration. This includes:

1) Defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and sourcing company and contact data.

2) Developing phone, email and LinkedIn scripts & sequences based on pain points, value propositions and unique selling points.

3) Defining strategies and tactics for multi-channel outreach.

4) Setting up sales enablement softwares, reporting structures and KPIs.

5) Mock-calls and coaching.
2. CAMPAIGN Execution
We execute outbound sales sequences to build a pipeline, book appointments and collect intent data in multiple sales sprints:

Sprint 1: We focus on creating brand awareness, obtaining email permissions and split-testing segments, targets and positioning to build the foundation for compliant and scalable outbound sales campaigns. We book appointments where the timing is right and build a pipeline.

Sprint 2: We focus on maximising lead generation and appointment scheduling while optimising pitching, tactics and enriching with new leads based on feedback. This optimises conversion rates and maximises revenue generation.
3. REPORTING & Evaluation
We work in your CRM system or ours, giving full access to all data, so you can always follow the campaigns. We have weekly check-ins, monthly status meetings and we share live dashboards and monthly market reports with tactics and recommendations. Every quarter, we evaluate KPIs, the expected return on investment and talk growth projections.

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