174 SQLs for Zillion Consulting Group in Denmark

VAEKST delivered 174 Sales Qualified Leads to Zillion Consulting Group and accelerated their growth opportunities on the Danish market.


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Penetrating the Danish market with Outbound Sales

Zillion Consulting Group (Zillion) partnered up with VAEKST to accelerate their growth opportunities on the Danish market with Outbound Sales. Zillion operates on a network-based business model, offering comprehensive business transformation services to industrial companies in Scandinavia, while simultaneously creating a sustainable impact that aligns with 21st-century demands.

After successfully having built a strong sales-qualified pipeline and reached their first sale within the first couple of months, Zillion decided to expand their collaboration with VAEKST and target new markets with industry-specific offerings.

A personalised sales-led-growth strategy 

“VAEKST presented a very clear and personalised sales-led-growth strategy, which was tailored and built around our solution, value proposition and brand. We could see that they were specialists in consulting-oriented solution-selling, which for me showed a high amount of professionalism and differentiation from other agencies”. - Rasmus Bertram, Associate Partner at Zillion. 

With a well organised onboarding process and a workshop with all Zillion's partners, VAEKST provided Zillion with a pitching framework that would effectively communicate their business model and services. With a dedicated Business Development Consultant and weekly status meetings, the collaboration was very close and provided a lot of strategic insights for Zillion.

“The partnership with VAEKST has proved to be very successful so far. Most importantly, they are extremely proactive, flexible and service-minded - which always gives us a strong feeling of being prioritised”. - Rasmus Bertram, Associate Partner at Zillion.

174 SQLs with decision makers and a predictable pipeline

VAEKST provided Zillion with 174 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and several new customers after just 17 months of collaboration. Besides recieving millions in revenue pipeline, Zillion also obtained much higher brand recognation amongst their key accounts and various commercial insights to be executed upon for years to come.

“Personally, this is the most qualified pipeline I have witnessed so far - we are looking into some exciting few months”. - Rasmus Bertram, Associate Partner at ZCG.

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