112 SQLs for a public PLM enterprise

VAEKST created a predictable pipeline of Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) for a Nordic PLM software provider through Sales-as-a-Service in the Nordics and UK.









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Expanding in the Nordics and UK

To strengthen their market presence in the UK, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, an enterprise provider of PLM software sought the assistance of an external sales team to complement their internal sales organisation in providing a consistent flow of Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) and Intent Qualified Leads (IQL).

Utilising real-time buying triggers to prioritise outbound

The partnership began with a workshop that involved an analysis of the clients Go-To-Market strategy in order to identify the potential target segment based on firmographic variables.

During the workshop, several variables such as industries, qualification criteria, size (measured by employees and revenue), and buying signals were assessed. Based on this analysis, the Life Science industry was identified as the primary targeted segment, with a focus on companies seeking to enhance their data-driven and digital capabilities within R&D and product development. Consequently, VAEKST quickly launched a personalised multi-channel Outbound Sales strategy in the UK, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

Integrating real-time buying triggers into the campaign resulted in a substantial increase in conversion rates, as business developers were able to identify potential prospects who were actively searching for software similar to what VAEKST's clients offer and match it with the right value propositions using Pitchbound.

Go-To-Market with 112 SQLs

VAEKST has provided 112 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) in just 12 months. This, coupled with valuable market insights, company and contact data, led to a predictable pipeline of customers and input for the clients future Go-To-Market strategy.

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