Expanding to the Nordics - 162 SQLs for Planetly

VAEKST led Planetly's market expansion to the Nordics, generating 162 SQLs, up until their acquisition by OneTrust.





Nordic Expansion

Four Countries



Jesper Nilsson
Country Manager Sweden




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Local sales experts in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland

Planetly, a German climate tech scale-up, had 150 customers across Europe and needed an Outbound Sales partner to upscale their customer acquisition in all of the Nordic countries. VAEKST could do native outreach in all the Nordic countries through a data-driven approach and was chosen as the best partner for Planetly's market expansion.

Market insights for better win-rates

The partnership began with workshops to learn about Planetly's mission, expansion goals and Go-To-Market strategy. VAEKST then segmented the Nordic market and provided intent data, personalised pitches and set up a data-driven pipeline management approach. Upon starting the campaign, VAEKST analysed outreach and generated valuable market insights that adapted Planetly's Go-To-Market strategy in terms of segmentation, targeting and positioning.

162 SQLs and an Acquisition by OneTrust

VAEKST generated 162 SQLs across Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway and provided important commercial insights for the expansion team. The partnership continued up until Planetly's acquisition by OneTrust.

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