Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

Carbon management consultancy builds a consistent sales pipeline in four countries

Nordic Expansion
Four Countries

A personalised growth strategy 

Based in Germany and with more than 150 customers, the carbon management software was already operating across Europe but was looking for a partner to help them expand its customer base in the Scandinavian markets. 

Working in the specific and growing niche of carbon emissions management, the firm wanted to be able to rely on a local partner who knew the Nordic market and was familiar with the sustainability journey. This allowed them to save risk, train their sales teams and optimise their revenue. VAEKST was the right partner to generate sales qualified leads, build a strong sales pipeline, and gain real-time market insights.

Market insights for better win-rates

The German carbon management firm offers a user-friendly service to measure and manage carbon emissions, wanted to access customers who were ready to start their journey towards carbon neutrality. It was essential to the company that this partner believed in the purpose and integrity of their brand. That's why they approached VAEKST.

The partnership began with workshops to learn about its mission and expansion goals. This allowed in-depth segmentation for the outbound sales campaign to be set and personalised emails to be created to reach the segments that offer the best conversion rate. After the first email campaign and through a data-driven approach, conversations started to be analysed to achieve an increasingly personalised and effective communication method. This, together with the generation of market insights, allowed VAEKST to identify sectors of interest.

Scaling-up in all Nordic countries

The partnership started with the aim of expanding into Sweden and Finland, but the rapid build-up of a strong sales pipeline in these two countries encouraged the company to enter the Danish and Norwegian markets. The partnership continues today with 162 sales qualified meetings booked.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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