Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

VAEKST helped a digital innovation consultancy with upscaling, Data Analytics and ServiceNow implementation

Conversion rate
Scaling up

Targeting tier 1 in Denmark

The consultancy is a digital transformation and innovation partner that specialise in AI and machine learning, cybersecurity, Microsoft and a range of other IT areas. The consultancy wanted to scale their services to tier 1 accounts in Denmark, businesses with+500 million DKK in revenue, and knew that the sales process would require a personal connection and physical meetings, where the consultancy’s experts could demonstrate their experience. The consultancy is a rapid innovator and prefers immediate feedback on new innovations to test the product-market fit. VAEKST provides them with both.

Digitalisation index, machine learning adoption and Sales Qualified Leads

VAEKST provided Sales-as-a-Service through establishing a dedicated sales team to do advanced market segmentation, find contact data and execute outbound sales towards the target segment. VAEKST delivers a monthly market report containing qualitative and quantitative insights from activity and conversation with prospects that provide strategic insights to the consultancy and optimises the outbound sales processfor a more cost-effective process.

Quickly, segmentation criteria like revenue growth, digitalisation index and use of Microsoft systems was evaluated to have the best impact on conversion rates. The adoption rate of machine learning technologies was used to select industries of high-interest and VAEKST's own proprietary database of leads was used to collect contact information on CTOs. VAEKSTs outbound sales team was able to generate Sales Qualified Leads through scheduling Qualified Sales Meetings directly into the consultancy's calendar and collect email permissions that generated Qualified Sales Meetings. Market reports are delivered on a monthly basis.

Scaling up across business units

Until now, VAEKSTs outbound sales team has provided the consultancy with 178 SQL in a tier 1 and tier 2 segment at an hourly conversion rate of 12%. The initial success contributed to the consultancy wanting to scale up across their service portfolio and today, VAEKST is driving personalised outbound sales campaigns  for t different business units. The consultancy has closed several deals.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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