Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

VAEKST helps an AI-based conversational platform in Scandinavia expand in Sweden via lead generation and market research

Conversion Rate

Increasing product awareness through lead generation

Utilising Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, the Danish company analyses customers' conversations in customer service to enhance their experience and unlock their full potential. Operating in a specific niche within the communication, UX, and voice technology sectors, the company struggled to expand and raise brand awareness. To overcome this, they sought assistance from VAEKST to expand into the Swedish market via Sales-as-a-Service. An outbound sales strategy was implemented to unleash the firm's high potential.

Lead generation for market positioning

The firm encountered obstacles in expanding its client base despite being in a growing industry, as many companies are shifting away from phone-based customer service. Due to the complexity and specificity of their sector, it was crucial for the company to have its product specialist engage with potential customers to demonstrate their expertise and the value of their product. To address this, VAEKST provided an Inside Sales team to generate Sales Qualified Leads, schedule demos, nurture the sales pipeline, and offer strategic insights within the sector.

The monthly market reports included data on segmented conversion rates and reasons for prospects are not interested. In the initial week, VAEKST experimented with different sectors and discovered that the finance, media and retail industries had the highest conversion rates when focusing on their customer service.

Increasing market search in the Swedish market

Following 10 months of Market Research and Lead Generation, the company experienced a significant increase in business opportunities in the targeted markets. The partnership remains active with 60 Sales Qualified Meetings booked and 3 market reports distributed.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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