Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

VAEKST secured the first private customer for a Danish tech start-up by establishing a predictable pipeline of SQLs

Private customer

Industrial Goods and Head of BI’s

The tech start-up provides a knowledge sharing platform that collects and visualises business critical data in data catalogs and flow diagrams for better analysis and reporting. With only two public customers, the start-up wanted to enter the private sector because data compliance was a maturing issue for many companies. With no experience in B2B sales, the start-up made a collaboration with VAEKST to ensure an optimised and predictable sales pipeline.

Data-driven processes 

VAEKST supplied an Inside Sales team to help segment the market, generate Sales Qualified Leads, coordinate Qualified Sales Meetings, develop market reports and nurture the sales pipeline. Initially, the strategy was to be sector agnostic and target large-sized companies with more than 200 employees. Data quickly showed that the largest companies in the Industrial Goods and Services, Life Sciences and Logistics industry had the largest unmet needs due to the importance of having a data-driven approach and the vast amount of data. While the initial target were CTOs, Head of BI’s proved to be more inclined to buy than the CTOs and with more knowledge around the subject.

First private customers

The start-up received 26 Qualified Sales Meetings with some of Denmark's largest companies and has already closed 1 license and made 3 POCs. Insights provided by VAEKST improved the start-up’s sales pipeline by focusing marketing efforts on fewer industries to create more relevant ads. VAEKST continues to support the start-up through Sales As A Service.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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