242 SQLs & 49% conversion rate: Leading provider of resilience solutions

VAEKST generated 242 SQLs and assisted with Nordic expansion for Sweden's leading provider of training readiness and organisational resilience solutions. VAEKST converted 49% of all interactions to SQLs.




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Upscaling security services in a risky world

The client engaged VAEKST to increase their market share in Sweden and to understand the current demand for their service offerings around resilience, security and readiness solutions. With large average contract values and a need for a direct approach to sales, VAEKST executed Outbound Sales for 24 months and generated 242 SQLs.

Personalised outreach focusing on quality with Pitchbound

VAEKST executed on a sales-led growth strategy towards municipalities and large private enterprises as the Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP). With native-speaking business developers, VAEKST ran multi-channel outreach sequences across phone, email and LinkedIn to build a predictable pipeline, qualify prospects and understand which of the client's offerings where relevant to offer. As the client is an enterprise with multiple solutions, VAEKST used Pitchbound to filter through information and ensure pain points could always be matched with the right value propositions.

258 Qualified Sales Meetings with a 49% conversion rate

VAEKST delivered 258 SQLs and 531 IQLs, converting 49% of all interactions to Sales Qualified Leads. By providing the client with market insights on their Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy, VAEKST has helped optimise their Go-To-Market strategy.

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