70 SQLs in 4 months for ESG tech scale-up

VAEKST collaborated with Position Green, a Swedish full-service ESG Powerhouse, by providing Sales-as-a-Service to build and nurture a strong pipeline of Sales Qualified Leads in Norway and Denmark.




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Jesper Nilsson
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Personalised growth campaigns with Outbound Sales

Trusted by 500 clients worldwide, Position Green combines extensive global experience with local expertise to help companies transform and accelerate their business within the ESG landscape. Born in the Nordics, Position Green was already operating in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but wanted to expand brand awareness and its customer base in Norway and Denmark. As a result, the internal sales team established a partnership with VAEKST to generate leads and deliver commercial insights through a personalised, nordic approach, while keeping their attention on their current clientele intact.

Increasing customer acquisition in Denmark and Norway

In response to increasing demand for tracking and reporting on sustainabiliy, VAEKST was engaged to increase customer acquisition in Denmark and Norway by executing a personalised outreach sales campaign. VAEKST implemented the sales enablement technology necessary to support outreach, defined the Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning strategy together with Position Green and executed an Outbound Sales campaign, split-testing different segments.

70 SQLs within 4 months

Within the first 4 months of the collaboration, VAEKST had delivered 70 Sales Qualified Leads (Demos) and 4 market reports containing insights about the Danish and Norwegian market. Market Reports provide insights and recommendations on demand and feedback from prospects.

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