Vilde Heggertveit
Marketing Associate
April 20, 2023

VAEKST collaborates with a Swedish full-service ESG Powerhouse by providing Sales-as-a-Service to build and nurture a strong pipeline of Sales Qualified Leads in Norway and Denmark.

Market Expansion

Personalised Growth through Outsourcing 

Trusted by 500 clients worldwide, the company combines extensive global experience with local expertise to help companies transform and accelerate their business within the ESG landscape. 

Born in the Nordics, the company was already operating in Sweden, Norway and Denmark, but wanted to expand brand awareness and its customer base in Norway and Denmark. As a result, the internal sales team established a partnership with VAEKST to generate leads and deliver commercial insights through a personalised, nordic approach, while keeping their attention on their current clientele intact.

Targeting HRDD Solution and Sustainability Reporting

Operating in the expanding and particular field of ESG management and sustainability reporting, the company’s comprehensive ESG solution combines specialised advisory services, e-learning, executive training, and data-driven software. 

In response to the increasing need to track and report sustainability data, the company has developed a platform that incorporates established reporting standards and frameworks such as CSRD, GHG, GRI and HRDD, to facilitate an efficient data collection and reporting. VAEKST helps the firm schedule demo-meetings, build up a strong customer pipeline and create new business opportunities for its data-driven software, while providing a comprehensive understanding of the markets and market potential within sustainability reporting and HRDD.

70 qualified meetings in 4 months

The partnership has so far contributed to 70 sales qualified leads in 4 months, while delivering monthly market reports with strategic insights about the Danish and Norwegian market for the internal sales team to utilise.

Vilde Heggertveit
Marketing Associate
April 20, 2023


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