Vilde Heggertveit
Marketing Associate
April 20, 2023

By generating a pipeline of sales qualified leads, VAEKST assisted one of Sweden's most reputable companies and brands in enhancing its lead generation efforts and generating Sales Qualified meetings for the Swedish market.

Market Penetration

Increased Presence through Outbound Sales

The company develops and distributes a number of digital products and services with the objective to advance knowledge. Their products and services are used by a majority of Swedish schools & universities, public service, SME’s as well as government and public institutions. The company has further increased its presence and brand awareness through their partnership with VAEKST, focusing on outbound sales.

Local Expertise for Local Products and Services

The company wanted to scale their business and reach more potential customers for their products for digital teaching aids and knowledge services, and wanted to be able to rely on a local partner who knew the Swedish market and was familiar with their product. This allowed them to save risk, train their sales teams and optimise their revenue. VAEKST was the right partner to generate sales qualified leads, book demo-meetings and ensure an optimised and predictable sales pipeline.

Scaling up in Sweden with 303 SQLs

After conducting 18 months of market research and lead generation efforts, the company saw a notable increase in business opportunities within their targeted market. The partnership resulted in 303 Sales Qualified Meetings and the distribution of multiple market reports.

Vilde Heggertveit
Marketing Associate
April 20, 2023


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