71 SQLs for Fluidit - a Finnish hydraulic simulation software

VAEKST generated 71 SQLs for Finnish based software company, Fluidit, and supplied new growth opportunities in the Nordics through Outbound Sales.









Corinne Cotteverte
Operations Manager




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Outbound Sales partnership led to new growth opportunities

VAEKST offered Fluidit a very clear package to tackle new markets for us. I especially liked the way they presented the process and worked as a partner with us, rather than just offering a service.” - Ville Ylänne, Chief Sales Officer at Fluidit

Operating in a fast-growing industry, the Finnish software company Fluidit develops and implements cutting-edge hydraulic simulation software for district energy systems, water distribution systems and stormwater systems. After recognizing an increasing demand for their solution, Fluidit wanted to find a local Nordic partner with substantial knowledge within tech and sustainability that could support their market expansion with new growth opportunities in Sweden through Outbound Sales. VAEKST presented a clear outbound sales strategy on how to enter the Swedish market which marked the beginning of the partnership.

Market reports and demand insights were key to success 

VAEKST developed an in-depth segmentation of the Swedish market based on Fludit's business objectives to start an outbound sales campaign using a multi-channel approach through phone, email and LinkedIn. 

This approach allowed VAEKST to engage with prospects in multiple ways, which helped to personalise the communication significantly, generating the first Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). In addition, market- and industry insights were gathered and shared with the Finnish software company on monthly meetings, which allowed them to get an understanding of the market potential. 

"VAEKST provided an excellent service for us and I was surprised by how quickly they managed to get meetings for us. Also, they provided excellent information about the markets via our monthly meetings." - Ville Ylänne, Chief Sales Officer at Fluidit

First sale and 71 SQLs

The partnership led to unique market insights and 71 SQLs in just 6 months, resulting in Fluidit's first sale in Sweden and a strong sales pipeline. The partnership expanded to the Norwegian market - accelerating Fluidit's sales and growth opportunities further.

So far, we have made our first sales in Sweden and looking forward to closing more deals. We now have a comprehensive understanding of the market and the market potential - clear communication, monthly meetings, and excellent consultants to work with” - Ville Ylänne, Chief Sales Officer at Fluidit

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