Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

Through market segmentation, lead generation and sales campaigns VAEKST helped a consultancy close +10M DKK deals

Market reports

Executing a Nordic growth strategy

A leading management consultancy in the Nordics needed an external outbound sales team to execute their growth strategy through generating new business opportunities for the consultancy’s partners to close and win new long-term clients. The consultancy’s internal resources were used on network-based selling and nurturing existing client relationships which resulted in a diminishing pipeline of new Sales Qualified Leads. The consultancy evaluated that establishing an internal Inside Sales team was too risky, complex and expensive, leading to a partnership with VAEKST to generate leads, drive outbound sales campaigns and deliver commercial insights through a low-risk and personalised approach.

Data-driven sales approach

VAEKST analysed the consultancy's brand and service offering to design a personal marketing message, generate qualified leads and execute outbound campaigns through telemarketing, email marketing and social selling. The initial market segmentation included CEOs in companies with +200 million DKK in revenue and +200 employees, and relevant use cases were developed to create a targeted message to the segment.

During the first months, VAEKST tested different sub segments through an agile split-testing approach and found that conversion rates were highest with companies in the Industrial Goods and Service and Transportation and Logistics industry where there had been a recent CEO change and a profitability decrease of min. 2% over a 2-year period.

915 SQL and millions in closed-deals

Through the segmentation insights generated from the outbound sales campaigns, the consultancy could optimise their own segmentation strategy to create more targeted sales and marketing campaigns. Equipped with new intelligence, VAEKST was able to increase conversion rates over time and create 527 SQL in 16 months. A year later, the collaboration is still ongoing and the consultancy has closed several deals worth +10 million DKK and with several more in the pipeline.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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