VAEKST delivered 164 SQLs for Adapt Agency

VAEKST delivered 164 SQLs to Adapt and assisted the digital agency in spotting unmet Salesforce needs in Denmark through Outbound Sales.




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Outbound Sales in Denmark

Adapt specialises in optimizing UX, developing platforms and assisting with digital strategy. They target everything from Denmark's largest eCommerces to leading Energy providers. With very ambitious growth goals, the agency partnered with VAEKST to generate Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and improve lead generation by nurturing a pipeline of interesting prospects. Additionally, VAEKST produced market reports with actionable recommendations gathered from conversational insights.

Timing appointment scheduling for better win-rates

The collaboration began with a workshop in which VAEKST analysed the agency's brand and offered to create a segmentation strategy and a personalised communication method. VAEKST quickly identified a subsegment of the Retail industry as a good starting point. Launching an Outbound Sales campaign based on telemarketing and email marketing proved to be successful and the partnership grew to include the Salesforce division of the agency. Here, a mix of webinars to generate Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) and an outbound follow-up campaign to convert these leads into SQLs proved to be very effective.

Market reports showed how digitalisation was on top of the agenda immediately after the end of COVID-19. Leading VAEKST to optimise lead generation through nurturing a pipeline of leads, delivering SQLs for mid-2021.

Predictable pipeline of leads with 164 SQLs

The collaboration generated 164 Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) with an average conversion rate from Hour to SQL of 12%. VAEKST delivered 10 market reports that provided Adapt with insights to improve the targeting of their own marketing efforts.

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