Account-based marketing

We build brand awareness and drive lead generation by aligning sales and marketing activities in hyper-targeted account-based marketing campaigns.

Corinne Cotteverte - Virtual sales meeting and demo facilitaion that directly drives revenue
Vilde Heggertveit - Marketing assistant
Valdemar Gyldendal - Business development manager
50+ native-speaking Nordic business developers.
Shaped by our sales philosophy of ‘less talking, more listening’, we create sales through respect, innovation, and encouragement.
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WHY account-based marketing


Deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts with 100% precision to become top-of-mind with decision makers.
Use media advertisement and sales outreach to reach the prospects that are most important to your business.
Use intent data to understand and engage with the whole buying centre through personalised content.

account-based marketing

Align sales and marketing to deliver the right content to the right people in the right accounts with 100% precision.
Kitty Helgø - Business development consultant

TOP-OF-MIND AWARENESS WITH the right accounts

Account-Based Marketing allows brands to target ideal customer accounts with sales and marketing activities that build brand recognition and drive lead generation. Through targeted media advertisement and sales outreach, brands can win more deals.

Brand recognition

Brands that are top-of-mind win the sale 90% of the time.

Lead generation

Lead generation increases with the level of brand recognition.
Benefit #2


Account-Based Marketing utilises both marketing and sales channels to create hyper personalised campaigns that can reach decision-makers in enterprise level accounts.



Reach target accounts with the right messages.


Response rate

Maximise response rates by aligning sales and marketing.
Filip Oskar Ciepiel - scaling B2B sales in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
Simone Stengaard Bendtsen - nordic team

REAL-TIME intent data

By tracking the engagement rates of accounts, Account-Based Marketing can provide you with the knowledge on how to prioritise outreach, choose messaging and refine your target audience.

Analyse creative performance

Split-test advertisement creatives based on Impressions and % CTR.

Understand product-market fit

Understand your product-market fit from testing unique selling points.


Schedule a 15/30/60 minute inspiration meeting with Thor.

He will go through how VAEKST can enable your growth, whether it will be through the use of ABM or a combination of our services.

Furthermore, Thor will go through your strategy, give you actionabele insights, and answer any questions you have regarding our services.
Thor Ravn Møller -inbound, outbound, pitchbound!

OUR method

Vaekst - less talking, more listening
We define the target audience, keywords, research IP addresses and source contact information on decision makers through LinkedIn.
2. Design
We design ad banners with different messaging, install website tracking codes and set up analytics and reporting.
3. Campaign
We run media advertisement and track the engagement rates of accounts and ad banners to optimise the campaign and launch a prioritised Social Selling Campaign.

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Corinne Cotteverte - Virtual sales meeting and demo facilitaion that directly drives revenue
Valdemar Gyldendal - Business development manager
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