VAEKST delivered 136 SQLs to NJORD - a danish law firm

VAEKST delivered 136 SQLs and customer insights across M&A, GDPR, HR and IT law services for NJORD in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.




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Increasing market share in the Nordics

NJORD has +250 employees across the Nordic and Baltic region and wanted to increase its market share domestically and abroad. The firm provides a premium service offering and therefore needs to connect personally with new clients to establish a healthy long-term relationship, but they did not have enough time to do so themselves. The firm needed to build up a strong customer pipeline and create new business opportunities without removing focus from existing clients. VAEKST provided an Outbound Sales team to create Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and generate customer insights across services such as M&A, GDPR, HR and IT.

A professional and respectful approach to sales

As the law firm weighted respect, professionalism and knowledge very highly, it was highly important that VAEKST maintained the integrity of the brand through professional communication with new prospects. After designing a professional and personal message, VAEKST generated leads through applying advanced market segmentation filtering criteria, executing telemarketing and email campaigns towards the segment and delivering market reports containing strategic insights from conversations with the customers.

Unions, Organisations, Museums and Funds were identified as an interesting segment for GDPR services, eCommerce businesses for IT services, Professional Service companies for HR and Private Equity and Real Estate investment companies for M&A. The market reports contained information such as conversion rates segmented on demo- and firmographics, competitive landscape, brand awareness and reasons for being not interested.

136 SQLs and 5 market reports

The partnership started with GDPR services and quickly grew to also include IT, HR and M&A services while also expanding to Sweden and Norway. VAEKST delivered 136 Sales Qualified Leads and 5 Market reports, leading to several new clients and strategic insights for the Partner team.

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