Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

VAEKST helped an American facility management software provider expand to the Nordics, UK and Australia through SaaS


Market entry strategy in the Nordics

The firm was primarily focused on digitising mail, as well as inbound package tracking and handling, and wanted to scale up their offering. With The White House as a reference, they were ready to try out the Nordic market. With little knowledge about cultural and industrial differences, a weak lead base and little local presence, the firm needed a local partner to generate Sales Qualified Leads and research whether there was a product-market fit.

Double down on Universities

VAEKST developed a market entry strategy focussing on segmentation, lead generation, appointment scheduling, analysis, and reporting. In addition, VAEKST also mapped out the decision-making landscape, providing actionable insights based on dialogues with end-users and decision-makers.

As a result of the outbound campaigns in the form of telemarketing, email marketing and direct social selling, VAEKST evaluated the University segment to have a high potential. Since universities in the Nordics are less privatised and decentralised, the buyer journey was more complicated. VAEKST had to contact and involve multiple stakeholders before a Qualified Sales Meeting could be held.

Expansion to Australia and UK

The Nordic approach was a success, so the firm wanted to scale up and include Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom as well. VAEKST was able to generate 32 Sales Qualified Leads across all countries, streamline research in market reports and successfully help execute the market entry strategy. Today, the firm is continuing to establish their position in the Nordics through partnering with VAEKST.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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