Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023

VAEKST provides a French CAD-software provider with Market Research and Lead Qualification in 5 countries


Retaining key customers

A leading firm in the CAD software industry wanted to understand how well they met customers' needs in the Nordic region. However, the capacity of internal sales resources was limited to existing projects and the firm needed an external partner that could execute an account-based marketing campaign with a consistently high quality. The campaign had to qualify which of the firm's existing customers had a high probability of extending their contract - and more importantly, which was considering changing their suppliers.

Improving brand awareness, service and lead generation

VAEKST executed outbound sales campaigns across Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Belgium to interview the firm's existing customers about the benefits and pain points they experienced with the software. VAEKST was able to establish which accounts were about to either terminate or extend their contract. Furthermore, insights were generated concerning the customers' opinions of the software - what worked well and what could be improved.

The strategy was designed with the intent to improve brand awareness of the firm and increase a qualified generation of leads. The strategic campaign was specified to each of the involved markets. The insights were given back to the firm, so they could understand their unique selling points and customise a campaign that would enable them to extend contracts with their existing accounts.

Scaling up in Northern Europe

As a result, the company experienced a significant increase of business opportunities of its targeted markets. With +600 hours of Market Research and Lead Qualification, the firm was able to successfully retain customers through a qualified generation of leads and as a result, VAEKST is now assisting the firm with retaining customers in 6countries across Northern Europe.

Thor Ravn Møller
April 20, 2023


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