Thor Ravn Møller
February 6, 2023



As the company is growing, they needed help with business development and demo-bookings, for which they sought out VAEKST through a referal from an existing partnership company.


Referral Made it an Easy Choice

The Danish digital service provider offers a one-stop shop for property data and a collaborative tool that facilitates professionals' real estate investment process. The tool enables easy cooperation across teams and organizations during property transactions, thereby streamlining the entire process. 

The company was looking for a Nordic partner to assist with business development and demos. After being referred by one of VAEKST's partners, they approached VAEKST to form a partnership.

Outsourcing a Time-Consuming Process to Save Resources

The Danish start-up is experiencing operational bottlenecks in the outbound sales process due to its rapid growth and lack of time. Having received positive feedback about VAEKST from its network, the start-up quickly organized a workshop. The workshop helped VAEKST gain an in-depth understanding of the market in which the start-up operates, resulting in initial segmentation and a personalized outbound sales campaign. The campaign emphasizes a multichannel approach to maximize its effectiveness.

Established two years ago, the start-up attributes the partnership’s success to the data-driven approach and close collaboration. The monthly meetings allowed for valuable insights to be shared, and the monthly market report proved to be helpful in the company's efforts to penetrate the Danish real estate market.

Short Ramp-Up, Quick Execution

Despite running for only 2.5 months, the partnership has resulted in 35 SQLs through the Market Research and Lead Generation outbound sales campaign, leading to a substantial increase in business opportunities in the targeted markets.

Thor Ravn Møller
February 6, 2023


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