VAEKST create brand awareness, drive lead generation, and gather customer insights in the Nordic region by personalising growth services to B2B brands.
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In the summer of 2020, two students lost their student jobs as the corona pandemic forced their employer into bankruptcy. Armed with a vacation from their studies and a crazy idea, the two students allied themselves with two ex-employees to bring a new breed of agency to the Nordics.

Companies’ sales were suffering and as the corona pandemic closed down one office after another, businesses’ sales processes became virtual, and the personal touch was lost.


With a vision of assisting companies to create personalised growth in a virtual world, the four founders purchased their old employer from bankruptcy and launched VAEKST from the ashes – a growth agency for businesses.

VAEKST began assisting the tech and consultancy sector with personal selling at scale, delivering brand awareness, leads and customer insights to drive revenue and optimise product-market fits.
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Thor Ravn Møller - We create brand awareness, drive lead generation, and gather customer insights in the Nordic region.


Driven by exceptional people and powered by data-driven technology, VAEKST helped more than 40 companies with scaling personalised outbound lead generation and grew from 4 to 60 employees within the first 2 years.

Today, VAEKST is using market knowledge and industry know-how to launch, build and scale B2B companies through sales & marketing-led growth.


Sales are every company's lifeblood. Without sales, great ideas will remain on the drawing board and business potential will remain unfulfilled.

VAEKST exists to help the innovators of the world create sales that scale. We believe sustainable B2B growth is driven by strong customer relationships that are built on great first impressions and personal connections.

Driven by people and powered by technology, our mission is to drive B2B sales growth development in the Nordics. Shaped by our sales philosophy of ‘less talking, more listening’, we create sales through respect, innovation, and encouragement.

Company Description

VAEKST provides personalised growth packages to B2B brands that want to grow sales and marketing. We create brand awareness, drive lead generation, and gather customer insights in the Nordic region.

We believe that B2B sales demand a personal connection and marketing alignment, so we combine our expertise with leading technology to deliver a ROI to our customers in the Tech and Professional service sector. Our packages include Sales-Led-Growth (Inbound Sales, Outbound Sales, and Sales Execution), Marketing-Led-Growth (Account-Based Marketing) and can be combined in bundles to match your exact need.

Founded in 2020, VAEKST is headquartered in the heart of Copenhagen and recently opened an office in Malmö. We are native-speaking business developers that drive revenue in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
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40+ enterprise clients use VAEKST.