Sales are every company's lifeblood. Without sales, great ideas will remain at the drawing boards and business potential will remain unfulfilled. 

VAEKST exists to help the innovators of the world create sales that scale. We believe sustainable B2B growth is driven by strong customer relationships that are built on great first impressions and personal connections.

Driven by people and powered by technology, our mission is to lead B2B sales development in the Nordics. Shaped by our sales philosophy of ‘less talking, more listening’, we create sales through respect, innovation and encouragement.
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We listen
A cornerstone of our philosophy is that B2B sales demand a personal connection built on trust and professionalism. Developing relationships with new customers requires that you stop talking and start listening.

We exist because our clients are willing to place their trust in our cause and maintaining the integrity their in brands is our most important task.
Our team is made up of passionate business developers whose hearts beat for accelerating the sales of visionary brands.

We grew up all over the Nordics, making the region our home field. Speaking a mix of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian, we act as a gateway to the entire Nordic region.
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