VAEKST helps Amsterdam Data Collective (ADC) establish a solid foundation for future growth in Denmark

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A full-stack data science agency

In a more complex and demanding digital era, it is key for every organisation to become data-driven, in order to stay competitive and meet customer expectations. As a full-stack data-science agency, ADC helps companies and organisations across several industries to gather, understand and utilise data while bridging the gap between business strategy and data science.

A clear and personalised sales-led-growth strategy 

After successfully having helped clients in the Benelux, ADC were looking to expand their services to the Nordics - with the Danish market being their number one priority. As part of ADC’s go-to-market strategy, they needed a local partner to form and lead their market entry. 

VAEKST presented a clear sales-led-growth strategy consisting of a team of native-speaking business developers, that could deliver brand awareness, scale lead generation and collect customer insights through personalised outbound sales campaigns. 

With both having a common passion for data-driven and innovative solutions, it ultimately led to a close partnership, with ADC subsequently opening their first office in Copenhagen. 

“First of all, VAEKST had a great reputation and came from a startup environment like ourselves. Going forward, they presented us with solid and tangible numbers on conversion rates that talked for themselves - there was no doubt”. - Lasse Hachem, Manager

Positioning through brand awareness 

With a long-term strategy in mind, ADC can now look into an exciting future already being recognized by multiple decision-makers in major financial and public institutions in Denmark. This is due to a personalised outbound sales strategy, which has led to 26 sales qualified meetings and strong brand recognition across several industry segments. All together this strategy has shown to be impactful and will be fundamental for ADC’s future growth journey in the Nordics


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