5 Reasons To Work In B2B Sales

B2B sales has become a dynamic field with new challenges and opportunities. Here are some of the reasons why you should pursue a career in B2B sales

5 Reasons To Work In B2B Sales

A lot has changed in B2B sales in recent years. The expansion of new technologies, the increase in the number of suppliers and the fact that business challenges require more personalised solutions. Thus, caused buyers' attitudes to evolve in such a way that waiting for them to knock on your door is no longer an option. Inbound marketing strategies are still needed since they will ensure your customers reach the last steps of the sales funnel. However, businesses must now invest in outbound strategies to reach prospects and convert them into customers. And that requires investing in a competent B2B sales team.

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. Without it, small companies cannot extend their lifecycle from launch to growth, and big enterprises cannot scale up in the market. That's why working in B2B sales means being on the front line of a company's growth. In return, you gain the skills and enjoy numerous benefits that will make you a persevering, determined, and insatiable professional. Flick quickly through the menu to find out about them!

1. You gain transferral competencies in demand

Sales is about communicating in an understandable and effective way, something that all organisations want to excel at. Whatever your position is in a company, you will have to convince the project manager to go ahead with your proposal, persuade your colleagues that your idea is the one that works out the best, and assure HR that you are the right candidate for the job.

The persuasive, negotiating, and listening skills along with the empathy and confidence you will gain from working as a B2B business developers are assets that will accompany you in your future personal as well as your professional career.

2. Continuous learning 

The most rewarding thing about working in B2B sales is that improvement is constant. Working as a business development representative (BDR), you get immediate feedback on your performance, so every interaction with a potential customer will allow you to hone your pitch, polish your presentations and sharpen your conversation leadership skills. You'll quickly see that the time you've spent examining your customers' needs and researching the market has paid off.

On the other hand, human relationships are at the core of B2B sales. And those relationships tend to go beyond professional interactions since BDRs usually deal with stakeholders from many diverse departments. Thus, it is a great opportunity if you want to focus on growing a network rich in opportunities.

3. Responsibility comes hand-in-hand with flexibility

BDRs are responsible for their accounts and need to work according to their customers' behaviours. It means that B2B sales often allow you to have some leeway to manage your projects and schedule.

Nevertheless, this also entails that you must be independent and self-determined. You can put as much as you want on your plate, but you are the one tweaking your working hours to reach the goals. 

4. Unmatched motivation

The training involved in sales is unparalleled. Every conversation is an opportunity to solve your interlocutor's problems on the spot. That makes you the best presenter, conversationalist, psychologist, negotiator, planner, and consultant. 

B2B sales require strategic thinking. Since every case and customer is different, you need to plan on how to establish one-on-one connections with each of them to reach success. The motivation of seeing how you polish your strategy with every interaction and how new techniques perform keeps you on your toes as you get closer to your goals every day. Each day is different from the last, and none of them is stale.

5. You lead the organisation from the front line

As a BDR, you are the eyes and ears of your company. You listen to the pains, needs, and frustrations of the customers and guide the business as it grows. You help shape the future trajectory of the organisation and, in return, get the reassuring feeling that the company needs you.

B2B sales is a rewarding job. When you achieve success, your colleagues will celebrate with you, and your competitors will try to imitate you. Only you determine your chances of success, which grows in direct proportion to the degree of involvement you want to achieve.

Final thoughts

Efficiently utilising sales tech and placing buyer experience at the heart of the sales process is now essential. It creates an urgency for companies to develop more intuitive, personalised, and intelligent sales strategies. And because B2B sales demand today a personal connection, innovation must be driven by ambitious people with social and communication skills. 

At VAEKST, our focus is on accelerating sales pipelines by generating leads, executing personalised outbound sales campaigns and gathering customer insights in the Nordics. Combining AI-technology and sales expertise, our native speakers business developers find the right prospects and design personalised messages to build a predictable pipeline of qualified customers that grow the revenue of sustainable businesses.

In pursuit of our goal, to become the leading B2B sales company in the Nordics, we have helped 18 customers scale up in their markets with 24 projects. If this sounds like something your company could benefit from, let's talk.


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