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Partnering with an outsourced B2B sales team that is solely focused on growing your business, like VAEKST, leads to a positive ROI. Let us show you we do SaaS!

There are numerous reasons why more and more companies today rely on outsourcing their sales force. B2B sales outsourcing is not a new strategy. However, it has evolved into Sales-as-a-Service (Saas) companies, a business model that provides its clients with a professional, brand-oriented and trusted sales force.

The internationalisation of the market and the growth of competition highlight the urgency for companies to focus on core business competencies. Certainly, within any organisation, B2B sales play a key role, as they are the gateway to income, but they also utilise a large part of the company's resources. Here, sales-as-a-service companies offer a very advantageous alternative.

B2B markets are increasingly complex. They require time, investment in technology, a high-quality recruitment process and a collective attitude to constantly learn and keep up to date. This takes a lot of time and resources, and companies ultimately want to reduce costs and streamline processes. Well, outsourcing B2B sales is a great way to do so

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What is Sales-as-a-Service?

Simply put, an as-a-Service company is a business model that has specialised in a specific job and is, therefore, able to deliver excellent performance to its customers. Thus,  ‘Sales-as-a-Service’ is a business model that is fully dedicated to providing cost-effective, professional sales to its partners.

Within the entire sales process, lead generation is one of the most time and resource-consuming stages. In pre-sales, when the right customer is found and qualified, B2B sales teams have to devote enormous efforts. Outsourcing lead generation to a B2B sales team specialised in market and customer research like VAEKST gives you direct access to the leads your company needs. This equals positive ROI and optimisation of resources.

How does Sales-as-a-Service provide value to your business?

Partnering with a Sales-as-a-Service team translates into many different advantages. Outsourcing your B2B sales is about adding value to your business and making it grow through long-lasting, nurtured B2B relationships. Here are some of the valuable benefits teaming up with a Sales-a-a-Service company can bring you. 

1. A Sales-as-a-Service company is cost-effective

Having an internal B2B sales team costs a lot of time and requires recruitment and training efforts, and that translates into a high expense. However, outsourcing the B2B sales force means teaming up with a fully dedicated and experienced team that is already trained and ready to deliver results.

Partnering with a Sales-as-a-Service company, which is fully devoted to recruiting, hiring and training BDRs allows you to utilise their experience and professional B2B sales background from the get-go with no investment and no time-consuming infrastructure. This association can be extremely beneficial for start-ups that want to scale up their sales rapidly.

2. You have easy access to data and market analytics

A well-versed B2B sales BDR has an easy time getting market insights and analysing the data your business needs in order to grow. They are solely focused on it and they are professionals at it. For you, on the other hand, it wouldn’t be so simple.

You must believe that, as a business owner, you have an easier time than anyone else in finding out what your company needs. And you probably know a lot about it, but only a well-trained B2B sales team, using their tools and expertise, can shed light on what works and what doesn't in your business. This data-driven knowledge will empower you and your team to make informed decisions and teach you how to produce predictable results

The great advantage of outsourcing B2B lead generation is that you will get easily in touch with prospects that are ready to buy your product and an appointment for a qualified sales meeting (QSM). Thus, you can save your time and efforts on having a high-level discussion with the customer and close the sale. This partnership makes your ROI extremely high.

3. Most effective lead generation

Sales-as-a-Service businesses don’t count only on B2B sales professionals to grow your sales, but also on last generation tools. Specialised in B2B sales, professional BDRs have access to and experience with cutting-edge tech they can utilise to find the right customers for your business.

By outsourcing a B2B sales team to provide you with leads, they will also follow up on contacts and calls. With this data, they will be able to give you insights into which value proposition of your products or services resonates most with your customers. And you could have achieved this without a huge investment in technology and training for your in-house sales team.

4. Sales-as-a-Service BDRs will become your best brand representatives

When you partner with a company that specialises in B2B sales, and more specifically in lead generation, you can rely on their recruitment and training processes, which are specifically designed to find the best business development representatives. 

A Sales-as-a-Service team understands the importance of B2B sales and has been trained to connect and commit to your brand. As B2B sales professionals, they will be fully engaged with your business vision and mission and, therefore, they will embody your brand in the best possible light in front of your prospects

What do we do at VAEKST?

At VAEKST we accelerate our customers' sales pipelines by generating leads, executing outbound sales campaigns and gathering customer insights. The B2B brands we work with get our assistance with finding, qualifying and converting leads into a predictable inflow of customers. By relying on us, they can devote that saved energy and resources to other core business priorities. This allows them to more quickly and easily achieve their revenue targets.

Partnering with an outsourced B2B sales team that is solely focused on growing your business leads to a positive ROI. At VAEKST, we provide and secure long-lasting, personal relationships with your future customers to help you increase B2B sales for your business. And we do it through a technology and data-driven approach that guarantees tremendous success. Want to know more?


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