5 Benefits of using HubSpot

Feeling overwhelmed and having a hard time choosing a CRM-system? Here are 5 reasons to use Hubspot and how your business can benefit from using it.

HubSpot is designed to empower your sales- and marketing organization to create better and more valuable relationships between you and your customers. 

The CRM system, Customer Relationship Management system, is considered one of the most powerful and user friendly growth engines, and allows teams to align their marketing, sales, and customer service efforts to provide best-in-class experiences to their clients.

So why use HubSpot…? 

We have gathered 5 valuable benefits on why your organization should jump on the HubSpot train, and start using this particular CRM system. 

  1. All-in-one Platform
  2. Intuitive Lead Management
  3. High Value for Money
  4. Advanced Analytics and Reporting
  5. Account-Based Marketing - ABM

Benefit #1 All-in-one platform

One of the most important reasons why HubSpot is so unique and powerful, is because it helps organizations simplify and align their sales, service and marketing efforts, all in a single place. 

To understand that better, we need to dive into the structure of HubSpot. Typically we see teams use a multitude of tools and systems across organizations, not to mention getting them all to work together. 

Using HubSpot, you will be able to streamline all efforts across your sales- and marketing teams, and create end-to-end processes that help you generate, nurture and convert leads.

Benefit #2 Intuitive Lead Management

Unlike other leading CRM-providers, HubSpot offers a clean and intuitive lead management setup that is essential for scalable and cost effective sales. This really enables teams to quickly get up to speed, while the CRM system automatically manages the processes and tracks every interaction, which gives the advantage of creating customized and automated pipelines. 

On top of that, HubSpot also offers multiple solutions that can boost and optimize lead generation, nurturing and converting. Using these tools, your team will be able to track how and when visitors enter your website, what they are interested in and thereby create personalized outreaches.


Benefit #3 High Value for Money 

HubSpot provides high value for money for any company size, as it starts with a free version - and from there you upgrade as your company grows. 

Although there are several free software tools online that offer business owners different benefits at no cost, they offer very little in terms of value. HubSpot on the other hand enables 

companies to accelerate growth fast with a wide range of powerful tools and features, in one place. 

As your company grows, you will be able to gradually upgrade and integrate automated sales, marketing and service features - that enables you to drive even more value for you and your customers. 

Benefit #4 Advanced analytics and reporting

HubSpot offers easy-to-use and no-code analytical tools that enable organizations to measure performance with built-in analytics, visual dashboards and customized reports. 

Although these analytics aren’t best in class, it’s still more than enough for most sales- and marketing teams to become more data-driven and make smarter decisions for more comprehensive campaigns. 

A few of the many benefits could be to track the complete customer life cycle and all interactions with relevant touch-points, analyze your website performance and compare key metrics like sessions and conversion rates, or get detailed reports for each of your sales- and marketing channels. 

Benefit #5 Account based marketing - ABM

HubSpot offers an intuitive ABM software tool that helps weed out less-valuable companies early through more focused growth strategies. Using the ABM methodology helps you align and unite sales and marketing and target specific accounts to create high-value buying experiences. 

The HubSpot ABM tool helps you get up to speed with your ABM strategy, using automated workflow templates. It enables collaboration between sales and marketing, where all data is shared in the same place, and lastly helps you attract high-value accounts and form deeper relations through personalized content. 

All of course easy to track and measure from end-to-end!


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