How to lead a B2B sales team: Top 3 must do’s

Committed and highly motivated business development reps are key to B2B sales success. This is how VAEKST lead the market with a high-performance team

When it comes to scaling a company's B2B sales, the attitude and approach of the Business Development Representatives (BDRs) is the guiding principle that will determine the quality of the results. BDRs are at the interface between the organisation and the customers, they are the gateway to profit. Thus, their level of motivation will make a difference in the company’s performance.

B2B sales is a very demanding industry. Constant innovation in working methods and tools, high competition and the increasingly sceptical and proactive attitude of customers —progressively turning to the provider to find a solution to their problem— require BDRs to approach their work in a dynamic and learning-oriented way. But researching markets and learning about potential customer problems and new practices in vogue within B2B sales are urgent and essential tasks that they will only undertake if they are sufficiently motivated. The ball is in the leader's court. 

Our experience at VAEKST, leading a team of 40 highly motivated business developers, has taught us three key points to lead a high-performing B2B sales team. Flick quickly through the menu to find out!

1. Leadership by example: show, don’t tell

When you as a leader want someone to do something, show them how to do it and don't just say it. This ensures that you surround yourself with a BDR team that is willing to do what it takes to reach the goal.

At VAEKST, we share the goal, but we won’t always share the methods or techniques they should use to get there. Instead, we encourage our BDRs to choose and walk their own path, which gives them autonomy and a sense of ownership of their project. 

Letting our ambitious BDRs become leaders on their own guarantees us a high level of commitment. However, if the path they choose is not the right one, we will be there to help them find their feet and support them with best practices.

2. Create an environment where it’s easy to feel comfortable

No one should feel forced to do so, but all team members should know that smiling, talking to colleagues and investing in the relationships within the team are also part of the day-to-day work at VAEKST.

Any tactic that can generate good energy among employees and contribute to wellbeing in the daily work environment is a great initiative that we encourage BDRs to adopt because it helps to create a pleasant atmosphere in the office. Having a good and positive attitude is like eating healthy and exercising. It simply pays off and is contagious. We are sociable by nature and at VAEKST we don't want you to give up your fun and cheerful side. Who said you can't have a good time at work?

3. Leave behind the 'no-cure-no-pay' mentality

At VAEKST we believe in intrinsic motivation rather than extrinsic motivation. We are not one to apply the ‘no-cure-no-pay’ mentality because we know it can be detrimental to the results. Rather than chasing a specific number, we encourage BDRs to pursue quality by looking for the best matches with clients. This approach allows us to optimise our resources and not waste time on unsuitable leads.

4. Attention is everything

On a basic level, we all demand attention, and not only as employees but as people that are contributing something to the organisation. Through attention, you make people feel safe and acknowledged, and this increases motivation.

You must pay close attention to every step of the B2B sales method you follow and every member of your team. This could be more difficult now that working from home culture is an option and, even though it is preferred by many, it can easily cause isolation. 

To avoid this, invite team members to be part of life in the office, either by organising unofficial activities, voluntary social activities or virtual meetings throughout the day so that the team has the opportunity to engage with each other whether they are at home or at the office.

Build a team, not a group of individuals

It's not all about work. Socialising is a crucial part of B2B sales and, therefore, as a leader, you need to make your team feel comfortable sharing experiences, moments together and implementing initiatives that improve the atmosphere in the workplace and foster a sense of teamwork. This will help the whole team contribute to defining your company's culture organically. And that's what you want: a team that is authentic and motivated to grow.


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