5 Tenets to Develop a Successful B2B Sales Mindset

The BDR´s mindset directly impacts the results. The goal is to develop a powerful, winning mentality aimed at success. This is how you get there.

Business Development Representatives (BDRs) have unfathomable power within the company. They shape the future of the business and are the gateway to income. But for them to maximise this great power, they need to understand it and know how to harness it. Here are the basic principles for doing so, flick quickly through the menu!

B2B sales are meant to happen

You must always keep in mind that the sale is going to happen. You must be confident in your proposal and offer it to your potential customer as a transaction that makes sense for them. Remember: you don't have to force a deal if the prospect doesn't seem satisfied with your offer. This is how this mentality develops.

  1. You don’t need reassurance when you are confident in your solution and know it can solve a potential customer's problem. Assume there is a meeting taking place and ask for the date. Don’t waste time asking for a meeting when your prospect is already engaged in a conversation. They wouldn’t be there if they did not intend to buy.

  2. Leading the conversation in such a way, helps the BDR feel more confident and calm about the resolution and makes the buyer ready for the sale. Both of you need to be on the same page. In the end, if the sale does not happen, it’s time to let that prospect go.

  3. Don't make the mistake of thinking that this attitude is too presumptuous. Cockiness and valuing your time and solution enough are two different things. But this will be discussed in the next section.

Become an authority 

For you to feel confident as a BDR, you need to be an expert on your solution, your prospect’s business and the field in which they operate. You need to find the flaws, become an authority on the subject and develop the best strategy to address their pains most effectively. This is precisely the difference between a pretentious BDR and a talented and reliable one.

You need to begin matters in earnest. Do research, get to know your potential customer like the back of your hand, don’t miss a single detail. This data will allow you to go into the sales conversation with the confidence that comes from mastering the topic.

All you do is win

It is essential that, as a BDR, you understand that the chance that the prospect is not interested in your solution exists. However, this assumption should not dampen your expectations of success. Each option wouldn’t exist without the other, but it’s on you to trust your method and see this deal as the best option for your customer. Yes, it may seem complicated and even nonsense. But that is what a winning mentality is all about. 

Working in B2B sales, you are going to face many occasions in which the prospect does not go through the next step along the funnel. The key is not to see this rejection as a personal failure but as part of the process of learning. Put simply, expect success every time you enter a sales conversation but count on the possibility of not closing a deal.

If after discussion and negotiation your prospect shows no interest in your proposal, still keep the record to find out why the potential customer withdrew. Maybe it was bad timing, maybe the customer already had a satisfactory solution, or maybe one of your competitors addressed their pain better. Whatever the reason, there is probably a way to hone your approach. 

Learn to love transparency

Talking about improvement: a team that wants to reach success is willing to do what it takes to learn how to execute B2B sales better. And the key to team learning and improvement is transparency. Within a transparent environment, teammates are aware of good and bad practices, so they teach themselves to pursue success and avoid failure. This knowledge must belong to the whole team for their learning and laid the foundation of an open to feedback culture.

On the other hand, BDRs need to internalise that failure is a big part of B2B sales and not as bad as we tend to think. Because in every failure there is a lesson to be learned, BDRs must lose the fear of it. The team must aim at feeling comfortable both closing and losing sales and the teammates should be able to comment on each other’s practices to contribute to the common learning. This transparent environment of openness gives rise to collective accountability and allows for continuous and shared feedback. 

Adopt a mindset of abundance

We have been brought up with a thrifty mentality. We tend to save those resources that were never useful because we think a time will come in which we’ll need them. Deep down, however, we know that time won’t come. This mindset keeps us thinking of the possible ways we could use those assets and does not let us see the abundance of new and great opportunities we can aspire to. You are wasting your time and need to get rid of that mentality that is holding you back.

If a sale does not go through, if a prospect is not interested in your solution whatever the reasons or if you do not think it’s a good fit, move on. Behind that failed deal, there are plenty of successful ones. You don’t have time to waste but plenty of new chances to explore.

Final thoughts

The BDR’s mindset impacts directly the results they get. The goal must be to develop a powerful, winning mentality aimed at success. And for the B2B sales team to develop it, they must start by reviewing and reflecting on their practices to see how they can improve.

A successful B2B sales mindset is a long-lasting guarantee. It doesn’t pursue the immediate recognition and pleasure of making a sale, but the excellence is based on constant improvement and learning.


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