sales as a service
We partner with your sales teams to build a predictable pipeline of customers. Our team of native-speaking business developers scale lead generation through personalised outbound sales campaigns.
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leading Sales tech
Combining AI-technology and sales expertise, we find the right prospects, source contact data and create qualified sales meetings for your sales team.

Our team designs personal sales scripts and analyse conversational insights with customers to deliver monthly market reports.
B2B sales demand a personal connection. We cut through the digital noise to create qualified sales meetings through a professional and personal approach.

We value the integrity of our clients' brands above anything else and we only commit to projects where we can deliver a positive ROI.

All great partnerships start with a proof of concept phase. See more about ours below.
We facilitate a workshop using our proven frameworks:

- Brand and product analysis

- Customer analysis

- Definition of a Qualified Meeting

- Implementation strategy and KPIs

We segment the market based on our  filtering criteria like:

- Firmographics

- Technographics

- Chronographics

- Contact data

- Intent data
We begin a targeted outreach process by blending the phone, email and LinkedIn:

- Telemarketing

- Email marketing

- LinkedIn marketing

- Account-Based Marketing
We implement speech analytics and performance analytics to create insightful reporting:

- Ongoing sparring

- Weekly performance updates

- Monthly market reports

- Monthly status meetings
It's tough to build a pipeline with the right customers, design a personal message and sell cost-effectively. Through intelligent market segmentation, lead scoring procedures and pipeline management, we can implement measurable growth results that you can rely upon.

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