Welcome to VOKSEVÆRK, a podcast about entrepreneurship, business development and how you can develop and grow as a young professional.
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josefine andersson

Josefine is a young ambitious entrepreneur and graduate student at Copenhagen Business School.  In this podcast, Josefine invites VAEKST-colleagues, entrepeneurs and young professionals to talk about their entrepreneurial journey; anything from failing a business to tech-sales and how to "sell a glass of water".

"As a young professional female in a very male dominated industry, I felt the need for a podcast where I would be able to explore the many topics of entrepreneurship and business development, but from a diversified and casual perspective"

Join us on a causual talk about entrepreneurship and "growing pains".
Episode #1 - Thor Møller

"I'm A bad

In the first episode of VOKSEVÆRK, Josefine invites the co-producer, Thor Møller, in for a talk about "bad entrepreneurship".

As Copenhagen Business School does not offer internships as part of its master's programme International Marketing & Management, Thor embarked on creating his own internship. Il Baffo, as the company was named, did not play out to become a success, although giving him valuable learnings for his future endeavours.
Thor Møller on Vokseværk
Josefine Andersson and Lucas Vogele on Vokseværk Podcast
Episode 2 - Lucas vogele

"How to become a good salesman"

In the second episode of VOKSEVÆRK, Josefine invites sales-guru and VAEKST' sales-coach, Lucas Vogele, in for a talk about "how to become a good salesman".

For his entire professional career, Lucas has embarked on the sales journey; from selling newspaper subscriptions to sales manager. In this episode, Lucas shares his tips and tricks on how to tackle sales, especially amongst different cultures, and he is even challenged by Josefine to sell a "glass of water".

Listen to figure out how well he does...
Episode #3 - mik lokdam

"From Start-up
to scale-up"

In this episode of VOKSEVÆRK, Josefine invites entrepreneur, Co-founder and CEO of VAEKST Group, Mik Lokdam, in for a talk about his journey from start-up to scale-up. How do you scale a business with 5 employees to almost 50 in just one year?

Moreover, they talk about how it was to start a service business in the middle of a Pandemic and the first COVID-19 lockdown. Listen in for an interesting talk about starting and growing a business when everyone else is shutting down.
Josefine Andersson and Mik Lokdam on Vokseværk Podcast
Josefine Andersson and Niclas Meyer on Vokseværk Podcast
Episode 4 - NICLAS MEYER

Entrepreneurship & product vs. Service sales

In this Episode, Josefine invites entrepeneur, Co-founder and COO of VAEKST Group, Niclas Meyer, in for a talk about his entrepreneurial journey. Niclas started out as an entrepreneur when he started selling webcam covers at different universities around Copenhagen, later founding VAEKST group at the edge of a bankruptcy of his current employer.

Besides, Niclas' interesting "life story" they also deep dive into many aspects of sales, especially how to tackle product sale vs. service sale.
Episode #5 - FILIP CIEPIEL

"balancing a Start-up & a part-time job"

In this episode, Josefine invites Filip Ciepiel, entrepreneur and Co-founder of Kollek, Denmark's new wholesale trading platform.

They touch upon topics such as founders agreement, exit decisions, and how it was for Filip to be a newly graduate working full-time on his own start-up while also balancing a part-time job as a business development consultant. How excatly do you do both when you only have 24 hours in one day?

Tune in to find out.
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